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Lianne Torres

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I specialize in sharing raw, empowering stories of healing from trauma and breaking free from toxic relationships, inspiring audiences to embrace their own journeys of resilience and self-discovery.

Whether I’m speaking on domestic violence awareness, the power of self-love, or navigating personal growth after toxicity, I bring a genuine passion for empowering others to find their inner strength.

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Ways to work with Lianne

Podcast Guest

Lianne brings a compelling blend of personal resilience and practical wisdom to discussions, offering listeners valuable insights on healing from trauma, cultivating self-love, and navigating personal growth with authenticity.

Keynote Speaker

Lianne delivers impactful keynotes that blend personal stories of overcoming adversity with practical insights on healing and personal growth, inspiring audiences to embrace resilience, self-empowerment, and transformative change.

About Lianne

Podcaster, Speaker, Domestic Violence Advocate

Lianne Torres is a Podcaster, Speaker and Advocate for Domestic Violence Survivors. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she overcame an abusive relationship that almost took her life and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing. 

Through her podcast, Watch Us Thrive, Lianne provides a platform for sharing stories of overcoming trauma and encourages healing by engaging in tough conversations. 

Her work is dedicated to empowering the voiceless by turning pain into power.

Speaking Topics

Lianne’s journey from escaping an abusive relationship to finding her true self is both powerful and inspiring. She shares real-life stories and insights that resonate deeply, showing others how to heal, grow, and embrace their worth. Her talks are heartfelt and genuine, offering hope and empowerment to anyone on a similar path.

Escaping an Abusive Relationship

Lianne shares her personal journey of overcoming an abusive relationship, shedding light on the realities of domestic violence and offering hope and inspiration to others.

The Power Behind Taking Accountability

Discover the power of taking responsibility for your own actions and decisions, and how this can transform your life and relationships.

Healing Your Deep-Rooted Wounds

Explore the importance of addressing and healing deep-seated emotional wounds to achieve true personal growth and happiness.

Why Asking for Help is Essential

Understand the critical role of reaching out for support and the impact it can have on your healing journey.

How to Heal After Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Gain insights into why personal development is crucial after leaving a toxic relationship and how to rebuild and grow stronger.


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