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Healing from Heartbreak: How to Move on When You're Still In Love

Heartbreak can be one of the most painful experiences that humans can go through. Did you know that the feelings of heartbreak are similar to grieving a death? You’re not only grieving the person you loved and the relationship but you’re also grieving the future relationship that you could have had. All the future plans that you made, the family that you dreamt of having with that person—letting go of what could have been can be even harder than letting go of the person itself.

This post is jam-packed with the best strategies and tips to get over a heartbreak, even when you’re still in love with them!

How do I Get Over Someone I’m Still in Love With? Understanding Heartbreak

If you’re going through heartbreak right now, you have to understand that experiencing strong pain is completely normal. Anxiety and feelings of depression, helplessness, or hopelessness can also be part of the grieving process. Most of these things are temporary and they will go away with time and by giving yourself permission to experience and process your emotions. However, if these symptoms persist, it can be a good idea to check with a professional.

Acceptance and Acknowledgment: Make Peace with Yourself

If you’re still in love with your partner or the breakup was recent, the most important thing is to practice acceptance. Accepting all your feelings and emotions, as well as accepting that right now, the situation is how it is. Don’t attach stories about your own value, what you did wrong, or what the breakup means about you and the future. 

There will be a time in the future to see if there is something you need to learn or improve, but for now, making peace with yourself and the situation is the first step towards healing.

How Long Does it Take to Heal a Broken Heart?

Every person is different, and so is their grieving process. There are also many factors that take place like the nature of the relationship, the personality of the individual, as well as their coping mechanisms and attachment style. Healing a broken heart can take weeks if not months. If the process takes over a year, it’s recommended to visit a professional to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the process.

Okay But, I’m Still in Love with Them… How Do I Get Over My Heartbreak?

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, healing from heartbreak is a self-discovery journey where you’ll have to learn to be patient, loving, and compassionate with yourself. Sitting with your own emotions, setting boundaries, and rediscovering the zest for life will allow you to emerge stronger than ever!

Remember that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and you can always seek professional help if needed. Healing from a heartbreak even if you’re still in love with them is possible through time, self-care, and self-compassion.

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