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STRIP Makeup

STRIP is a company focused on creating better options for makeup removal. Everyday life takes a toll on your skin.

Rather than creating a clean, healthy, fresh face for skincare to add all the good stuff onto, most makeup removers are only adding to the day's damage. That is where STRIP comes in, with each of their products focused on making makeup removal a benefit to everyone's skincare and not a detriment.

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Future connects you with world-class personal trainers at home, at the gym…anywhere!

You connect with a trainer via Future’s app, and they will develop weekly workout plans, monitor your progress, and check in with you to ensure you’re hitting your fitness goals.

Future’s mission is to make access to personal training more accessible and affordable than ever.

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Purple Garden ™

Purple Garden is one of the most trusted providers in the psychic advisor space.

Purple Garden connects users with talented psychic, tarot and astrology advisors and also offers palm readings, angel insights, oracle guidance and dream analysis.

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Gum and mints to energize, calm and focus whenever you need it.

Neuro's mission is to move people away from coffee and to a cleaner, more focused form of energy to get you through the day.

Boost your energy when you want, focus your mind when you need.

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