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4 Steps to Take Accountability in Your Life

Do you take accountability in your own life? If you’ve followed my platform for a while, you’ll know that accountability is a HUGE component of my own personal development journey. I’ll talk about it until I’m blue in the face and scream it from the mountain tops. Taking an active role in your healing can change your life, but there are some steps you need to take in order to get there. Let’s dive a little deeper.

What does accountability mean?

According to Merriam-Webster, the meaning of accountability (noun) is: the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. In layman’s terms, accountability is taking responsibility over what you do in life. I know for me personally, the day that I 1. asked for help and 2. realized the role *I* was playing in my life and the situations I found myself in, that’s when the real work around healing started. I finally got to the point that I was sick & tired of my own shit and tired of feeling sorry for myself. I was ready to make some serious changes in my life. 

Now sis, don’t get me wrong… Change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long journey you’ll be on and one that is definitely not linear, at all. Anyone who promotes that you can become this brand new person in the blink of an eye probably hasn’t done any REAL WORK in their own personal development journey. 

So, now that we established what accountability is, I’m sure you’re asking yourself… What can I do to get started? These are 4 steps I took on my own journey to healing that you can try out today.


Recognize the areas in your life that you’re not happy with. Take inventory on what needs some changing and shifting. If you’re more of a visual person, I’d recommend writing it out (we love to journal on this side!) or you can even record a voice note in your phone. Whatever tactic works best for you, just make sure to get the thoughts out of you mind and into the universe.


Realize there is room for improvement. It’s so important for us to remember that this personal development journey is just that… PERSONAL. It’s your journey and yours alone. It can look however it needs to look FOR YOU. And while you’re on your journey to healing, give yourself grace to pivot. Change things on your timeline. If something isn’t working for you, give yourself permission to do something different! It’s so cliché but it’s so true… healing isn’t linear. There are so many ebbs and flows that come with it. Whatever works for you, sis… do that time and time again.

Reach Out

Reach out and ask for help and know you don’t need to take it on alone. Whew, chile… this is a difficult one, especially if you’ve lived a life where asking for help feels cringe AF. Trust me, I get it. I used to have that “lone wolf” mentality and truth be told… it got me nowhere. When I started asking for help and letting go of that shame I felt, my life started to change. Hire a life coach. Seek out a therapist. Talk to a friend or loved one you trust with you whole truth. UNDERSTAND THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO DO IT ALONE! Your vulnerability is powerful. It’s beautiful. And it’s where the healing can begin… so ASK FOR HELP!!!

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Take ONE small, actionable step every single day! Rome wasn’t built in a day, y’all… and neither will changing who you are and healing. I love the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. He talks about habit stacking and making tiny changes that will eventually lead to remarkable results. Start off small. If your goal is to lose weight or work out more in the gym, you don’t need to go from zero days to 7 days a week, Commit yourself to at least one day a week that’s a non-negotiable for you. Remember: small, actionable and intentional steps every single day can lead in transformative results.

The Bottom Line

There WILL be moments of challenge that come up. There WILL be times you want to quit and go back to what you’re used to doing. There WILL be sad girl days. But I promise you that it’s in those uncomfortable moments where the growth and magic happens the most🌱✨Keep going!

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